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This Steamer has been cleaned and tested by our qualified engineers; it is in full working order. The Moorwood Vulcan offers the best in power, design and reliability, ideal for peri peri chicken Stainless steel exterior, 5 perforated stainless steel shelves, In-built steam generator, Piezo ignition.

£650 +VAT

Gas steam for sale
Cleaned and fully tested by our qualified engineers. In full working order. In excellent condition, some minor damage i.e. scratches etc, comes with 20 grid roll in trolley, requires a 3 phase power supply.
Dimensions: H1782 x W879 x D791 Power: 3 phase, 37kW,

£2500 +VAT

Rational CM 201 Electric 20 Grid Combination Oven
This regeneration oven is in good very good condition, cleaned and tested by our qualified engineers The Convotherm AR18 Regeneration Oven thaws and regenerates frozen food to a very high standard. It is ideal for frozen, chilled or pre-cooked foods and has a quick thaw, even Heat & user Friendly Panel. The forced air convection gives the appearance of freshly prepared food.
The Regeneration Oven bakes cakes, pastries & bread to perfection. The Convotherm comes with nine removable shelves the ovens dimensions are: 787mm x 476mm x 730mm also comes on a stand on castors. Single phase power

£450 +VAT

electric oven for sale
This blast chiller Freezer has been fully cleaned and tested by our engineers and is in full running order. This is a quality machine from a quality manufacturer, and will freeze 50kg at 90c down to -18 in 240 minutes, and down to +3 in 90 mins.

£2200 +VAT

Blast freezer for sale
This Caterlux hotcupboard is in full working order, cleaned and tested by our qualified Engineers, in good condition, stainless steel construction, heat controlled by thermostat, 2 sliding doors, easy access, easy door removal for cleaning, robust build, on castors, plated meals 72, power 1.5kw single phase.

£450 +VAT

Hot cupboard for sale
This Electric range has been fully tested by our qualified engineers, is in perfect running order. It has a few scratches otherwise it is in very good condition. Full depth heavy duty cast iron hotplates allow multiple cooking positions. And large 2/1 GN compatible fan-assisted oven 2 oven shelves, 3 phase 15KW power required

£850 +VAT

Electric oven for sale
Cleaned and fully tested by our qualified engineers. In excellent condition, manufactured in August 2017 and is less than a year old, and in full working order.
With stainless steel stand, Accepts 10 x 1/1 Gastronorm containers. Rational SelfCooking Center® you can bake, roast, steam, blanch, poach and much more, all in a single unit.
Cooks up to 15 % faster than conventional Combi-Steamers, saving you both time and money.
Replaces or relegates to minimal floor space 40-50 % saving on conventional cooking appliances such as hot air ovens, stoves, boiling pans, steamers and deep-fryers, Capacity - 80-150 meals

£5995 +VAT

Rational SCC 101WE Electric 10 Grid
This grill has been fully serviced and tested by our qualified engineers.
It’s in very good condition.
Single Phase power.

£950 +VAT

Blue Seal EP514-ls Griddle
This Chargrill has been fully serviced and tested by our qualified engineers.
In new condition.
Two individually controlled 3kw infra-red elements.
Left & right heat control branding plate.

£450 +VAT

Blue Seal E91b Salamander Grill
In full working order cleaned and tested by our qualified engineers
Adande front venting prep units put the chef in control. They can be put right next to a fryer or griddle and the solid top means that cooking appliances can also be put on top.
Works as a fridge or a freezer, Meat and fish prep and storage, Deli and larder prep and storage.
Reliable: Amazing temperature stability.
Fully flexible temperature from -22°C to +15°C in minutes, single phase power.

£1450 +VAT

Adande VCS R2 Fridge / Freezer Prep Unit
This Fryer is in full working order, in very good almost new condition.Ideal for medium sized cafes, restaurants, take-aways. High Performance twin pan electric fryer. Two heavy duty chrome plated baskets. Fryer tank insulated all around. Rear castors for easy movement, Adjustable feet, Variable heat control from 60C to 200C, Long life easy clean stainless steel tank, Capacity 2x 12Ltr Output 31kg chips/hr Power Rating 17Kw 3 Phase

£850 +VAT

Fryer for sale
In very good condition, fully working Cleaned and tested by our qualified engineer.

£400 +VAT

Burner gas top for sale
In full working order, fully cleaned and tested by our engineers, 60cm fully ribbed gas griddle, flame failure protection, Manual Hi/Lo valve temperature control, piezo spark ignition, 40,000 Btu.

£395 +VAT

Griddle for sale
This Dishwasher is in full working order, has been fully tested by our engineers, in good condition, heavy-duty wash pump Integral Water softener 18 plate capacity, double-skinned and insulated - stainless-steel cabinet and door, 3 min cycle time,

£850 +VAT

Dishwasher for sale
A stylish yet simple Griddle which is at home in any kitchen. Cooking area W750 x D580mm Temperature +50 to +300C Mild steel 10mm plates for good heat retention

£350 +VAT

Griddle for sale
In perfect working order, fully tested by our qualified engineers, in good condition, 4 burners, stainless steel construction, Nat gas 12kw, plus single phase connection

£350 +VAT

Kebab machine
This dishwasher is in full working order, it has been cleaned and tested by our qualified engineers, 2017 model is Ideal for hotels, cafes and restaurants, comes with drain pump and water softener, Runs up to 60 Racks Per Hour, Double skinned door, Stainless steel construction, Single phase hard wired 4Kw 25 Amp

£1200 +VAT

Dishwasher for sale
This is one of the fastest potato chippers available, and can produce 25kg of chips per minute with minimum waste. Stainless Steel construction, Power single phase.

£900 +VAT

Chipper for sale
Ideal for busy kitchens in restaurants, takeaways, hotels and schools, With 4 x 3.5kW heat zones, 6mm toughened glass hob, 4 x 270mm diameter energy efficient heat zones provide instant heat, fast heat up times and reduced energy usage In-built pan detection means no heat is generated when no pan is on the hob so no wasted energy

£2500 +VAT

Hob for sale
This blast chiller/Freezer is in very good condition Precision’s high performance PCF-15 blast chiller / freezer is easy to use and energy efficient and has been designed to provide cost effective and reliable Chilling and Freezing solutions.

£1500 +VAT

Precision blast chiller for sale
The A200 comes complete with stainless steel bowl, beater, whisk and hook and requires three phase power, 0.82amp 0.37kW, 3 speed gearbox.

£750 +VAT

Hobart mixer for sale

HS50 Dough Mixer - West London

Price: £750 +VAT
Mixer for sale
HS50 220V, Bowl Volume 50 Liter, input power 2.9KW,
Mixing speed 185 Rev/min, Bowl speed 16 Rev/min,
Max kneading capacity 20Kg, Net weight 130KG,

£750 +VAT

Mixer for sale
This oven is in full working order, ideal Blue Seal High Speed Convection Oven. Compact and versatile plug-in turbofan. Ideal for medium sized cafes, restaurants, take-aways, 60 min bake timer 3 hr roast timer, Cook and hold, system, Reversing turbo fan for an even bake, Reversible door, 4 shelves, 13 Amps single phase 3.1kw

£650 +VAT

Electric oven for sale
This Flake maker is in very good condition, cleaned and tested by our qualified engineers, Flake ice is popular for a variety of cooling purposes including the display of fish and fresh produce, Automatic flush function - regular flushing to keep the ice making system clean, One piece bin moulding - round corners are more hygienic & are easier to keep clean Advance design with a quality food safe Stainless Steel finish. Ice production 125kg per day, Bin capacity 57kg, 240v single phase Power

£1450 +VAT

Ice maker for sale
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