Roneford Catering - London

Roneford Catering Equipment Wholesaler have three 4,000 sqft shop/showrooms, one in North London and three in Hertfordshire.
We have a huge amount of catering equipment in stock, new & used. Please phone for stock availability. National delivery available from £27.
Tel: 020 8801 8729 or 07932 750194 or Email:

Small Catering Equipment
192 Philip Lane
Tottenham -

Roneford Catering Equipment - London
Large Catering Equipment
11 Ducksbury Ind. Est

Roneford Catering Equipment - Charlton Mead
No3 Sedge Green
Waltham Abbey

Roneford Catering Equipment - Sedge Green
B Grade Wearhouse
No 4 Sedge Green
Waltham Abbey

B Grade catering stock
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Gram Compact 210 Fridge - London

Price: £399 +VAT
Used gram compact fridge for sale
Gram compact 210 fridge
Under counter
Exhibition stock

£399 +VAT

Used gram compact fridge for sale
| Ref #: 4f59d45ce640
Gram compact k 210 rg 3n
Under counter stainless fridge

£499 +VAT

Under counter fridge for sale
| Ref #: ff687c4e09ae
Hoshizaki Dmc-60ke
Ice and water machine dispenser
Cubelet ice

£1799 +VAT

Ice and water machine for sale
| Ref #: 4496866668f8
Hoshizaki Im-100ne
Produces large cubed ice
Storage 50kg

£1505 +VAT

Used large ice cube maker for sale
| Ref #: 0a1efe4beb08
Hoshizaki dim-30de ice cube dispensers
Dispenses cubed ice only
Brand new no box
Ex exhibition stock

£2195 +VAT

Ice cube dispenser for sale UK
| Ref #: 225b5b3466b1
Snowflake hoshizaki fridge
Sur 65 bh
1. Year warranty

£850 +VAT

Upright fridge for sale
| Ref #: 8f6a38e78fa5
Approx 1000pc in stock, more available
However stock levels do go up and down daily
Please note these plates are new, never been used

£2.50 +VAT

Dudson Classic Plain White - Slight Seconds - London
| Ref #: f02e0353819b
Glass fronted door fridge
Ex exhibition stock
1 year full warranty

£399 +VAT

Glass fronted fridge for sale
| Ref #: 5355272d8638
Gram eco Euro k60 ccg
Stainless steel
Exhibition stock

£1250 +VAT

Used commercial gram fridge for sale
| Ref #: d5b09853e8c1

Meat Temperature Fridge - London

Price: £899 +VAT
Used meat fridge for sale London
Meat temperature fridge
Meat temp -6c /12c

£899 +VAT

Used meat fridge for sale London
| Ref #: 7914f37826a9
Gram eco midi k 82 lag 4n fridge

2/1 gastro side

Size 82w x 77d x 200hcm

White and stainless steel

1 year warranty

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£1099 +VAT

Used upright gram fridge for sale
| Ref #: 89f8ba4378a3

Gram Slim Line Fridge - London

Price: £995 +VAT
Used upright fridge for sale
Gram slimline fridge
Eco midi K 60

£995 +VAT

Used upright fridge for sale
| Ref #: 0e66496ed086
Gram gastro K1407 CSH fridge
Temp 2 c
Exhibition stock
1 year full warranty

£1195 +VAT

Used gastro fridge for sale
| Ref #: eb65fbb3cc5b
Temp 2+| 12c
Stainless steel and glass

£1050 +VAT

Second hand Display fridge for sale London
| Ref #: e93d6d50744b
Hoshizaki Snowflake G11 SUR-65BH Fridge
560 ltr single door
Brand new ex demo stock
1 year full warranty

£850 +VAT

Commercial upright fridge fale
| Ref #: eecb9f85896c
Gram superior plus K72 ccg
Heavy duty fridge
Led lights
Pedal door opening

£1150 +VAT

Upright commercial fridge for sale
| Ref #: abb3a4165b17

Dark Wooden Table Tops - London

Price: £240 +VAT
Dark oak table tops for sale
Dark wooden table tops
Few mark on them

£240 +VAT

Dark oak table tops for sale
| Ref #: 1d96a7d8f065

Sold Table Tops Wooden - London

Price: £780 +VAT
Wooden table tops for sale
Tabletops wooden
Good condition
Selling as completed parcel

£780 +VAT

Wooden table tops for sale
| Ref #: 6b9053c91da3
Lyric Range SizeCode
1332PLATE 6.3/8"210L
60PLATE 7"220L
800PLATE 8"230L
1100PLATE 9"240L
 PLATE 10"260L
1000PLATE classic/baq10.5/8272L
280PLATE 11.3/8280L
460PLATE 12.1/2290L

£1.25 +VAT

Dudson Lyric - Slight Seconds
| Ref #: 4782208fd40e
Dudson Seconds in Chamonix Range Fine China
Hotel ware quality
Warehouse clearance!!!
15,000 pc in stock ready for dispatch - If not available in seconds we can always order best
Please call sales our office to check stocks in seconds or best 02088018729 or 07932750194
Limited offers only

£1.50 +VAT

Fine China Never Been Used - Georgian Fine China - Seconds
| Ref #: 6d607451d5b0
Slight Seconds
List Price
60% Off
1600Tudor Plate China 6 1/4"
300Tudor Plate China 8"
0Tudor Plate China9"
0Tudor Plate China9"1/2
1450Tudor Plate China10"

£1.27 +VAT

Neo Range Dudson Tudor China Slight Seconds
| Ref #: 6eb2c9707ea6
New Crystal bakery Counter
Temp +1c +4c

£1695 +VAT

new fridge bakery counter for sale
| Ref #: aabfcb92e4d1
New Williams Stainless steel
R150 scn gem multideck
Night Blind
Only 2 shelves

£1877 +VAT

New multideck fridge for sale
| Ref #: a9a6c8a9964c
Stainless steel brand new Williams
Gem multideck R series
Stainless steel
This is brand new factory clearance

£2488.95 +VAT

Brand new williams fridge for sale
| Ref #: edfdb6c860b7
Solaris dinner plate 6"1/4 , Solaris dinner plate 9", Solaris dinner plate 10"
Solaris dinner plate 10"1/4, Solaris dinner plate 11"1/4 ,Pasta Plate 8" 3/4, Pasta plate 10"3/4
Pasta plate 12", Pasta plate 12" 1/2
Prices from £1.35 to £6.50

£12800 +VAT

Second Hand Dudson Solaris Slight Seconds
| Ref #: fc20763c378e
Showing 51 - 75 of 686 items