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This under counter, air-cooled, Maidaid ice machine is ideal for use in restaurants, bars, clubs and stadiums. It can produce 28kg of ice per 24 hours and capable of operating in ambient temperatures of between 10°C and 43°C. This ice machine uses a spray system that minimises scaling and produces separate cubes of crystal clear ice which are slow melting - the perfect addition to cold drinks this summer.

£395 +VAT

Maidaid M30-10 Ice Machine (Ref: RHC2445) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: a0e82581d4b4
This Vulcan steam oven offers the perfect solution for the high volume production of healthy steamed food. Simple to use and with a generous capacity, this versatile steamer is ideal for cooking vegetables, puddings, rice, ham and fish. The interior of the oven is made from stainless steel and it features 6 shelf positions.
Please note: This steam oven does not come with shelves.
Ask today about conversions to LPG!

£495 +VAT

Vulcan Steam Oven
| Ref #: c92f3c9b0a82
This unique counter, with its light and dark striped wood effect, will make a stunning addition for any establishment. The counter is very durable and features two wooden shelves to provide extra storage space; one visible from the front and one hidden at the back behind a glass front which is filled with cafetières.
The cafetières come complete with this counter as pictured.

£450 £425 +VAT

Cafetière Counter (Ref: RHC2418) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: c0d8f533954a
This hardwired hot cupboard with 4 pot bain marie has a heavy duty construction and comes with full insulation for optimum heat retention. The bain marie top operates with wet or dry heat and accepts 150mm deep gastronorm pots.
This mobile, compact hot cupboard bain marie ensures easy manoeuvrability where space is constricted and features adjustable and accurate thermostatic controls.Hot cupboard comes complete with two shelves.

£495 £450 +VAT

Lincat  GBM2 Hot Cupboard and Bain Marie (Ref: RHC2499) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 5f44adec557f
This very stylish stainless steel heated bain marie with heat lamps and customer sneeze screen is perfect for both front of house and kitchen environments.

£350 £325 +VAT

Victor Tabletop Bain Marie
| Ref #: 1354a89e5b31
Perfect for safely holding sauces, gravy and pre-cooked foods for up to two hours at serving temperature, this three pot bain marie is perfect for small and large establishments alike.
It features thermostatic heat control and includes a front mounted tap for easy draining. This wet heat bain marie will keep food at serving temperature without drying your produce out.

£105 £95 +VAT

Lincat Bain Marie
| Ref #: 3aca667270ab
This Metcalfe Mixer features a 3-speed transmission and a bowl capacity of 9litres, making it ideal for establishments as bakeries, hotels, restaurants and canteens. The mixer comes with an electrical interlock bowl guard and bowl lift to provide maximum performance and to ensure the health and safety of the operator is in place.
Comes complete with three attachments the dough hook, beater and whisk.

£650 £625 +VAT

Metcalfe 100D Mixer (Ref: RHC2088) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 19bd6fb74f6a
A freestanding wet heat bain marie which comes with small stainless steel storage space.
Brand: Electrolux
Model: Elco900 range

£350 £250 +VAT

Electrolux Elco900 Bain Marie
| Ref #: 272adffa76a2
This Electrolux food mixer is an outstanding product. It comes complete with touch-panel controls which help to improve the ergonomics and the reliability against the humidity or water jets.
Additionally this mixer has a transparent safety guard which is easy to remove for cleaning. The mixer also includes a 10 litre capacity bowl, whisk, beater and dough hook making this mixer perfect for all your cooking and baking needs.
Please note: This mixer is in great condition and has seen very little use.

£650 £625 +VAT

Electrolux Mixer
| Ref #: 5fe54d17c17a
This Victorian Pickwick potato oven has been finished in dark enamel and features four potato ovens each oven has a cooking capacity of 45 potatoes per hour giving the unit a total of 180 potatoes per hour.
The oven has been fitted with two large capacity warming drawers to keep a further 40 potatoes per drawer at the perfect serving temperature. Additionally this oven has thermostatic control panels and a six pot heated bain marie so you can provide your customers with up to six delicious fillings to have in their jacket potatoes.

£3995 £3225 +VAT

Used Victorian potato oven
| Ref #: cc03b7d94e87
Due to its precise adjustment of motor and components, this mincer offers reliability. Additionally, its quiet and smooth running and powerful capacity ensures excellent performance.
Supplied with 2 blades and 3 aperture disks.

£595 £550 +VAT

Tabletop Meat Mincer
| Ref #: aaec02b727ef
This Shahi Tandoori Oven is ideal for making perfect tandoori food.
Features a well-insulated design to ensure low operation costs.
Ideal for any takeaway or restaurant.

£395 £350 +VAT

Shahi Tandoori Oven (Ref: RHC2005) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: d96568caad57
Bake Off convection oven for everyday use in commercial kitchen
Perfect for cooking or reheating.
Drop Down Door
60 Minute timer
4 removable cooking racks included

£1250 £1195 +VAT

Oven Front
| Ref #: 16fa49c128f1
This compact, high quality, convection oven is specifically designed for the more simple pastry and baking processes. It consistently achieves an excellent golden colour in the baking of frozen products and baked goods.
It has a Dynamic control panel which features cooking time, cooking temperature, cooking cycles and a key to manually add water. Additionally, it has the possibility to set specific cooking programmes, concerning time, regulation for quality fluid and temperature.
This is an ideal solution for bakeries and pastry shops where space is at a premium but require the same excellent results as a large oven.

£850 £795 +VAT

UNOX Convection Oven Single Phase
| Ref #: dfe10653a43d
This MonoBX bake off oven is designed to incorporate all the essential functions and features needed to produce high quality products including croissants, danish pastries, bread rolls, bagels, muffins, eclairs and cookies. It is ideal for establishments that demand quality, reliability and value for money.
The simple and easy-to-use LED Classic controller can store up to 9 of the most commonly used bake programs for quick and easy product recall and displays temperature, time, steam and damper.
Comes complete with stand.

£1245 £1195 +VAT

MonoBX Bake Off Oven
| Ref #: fa62766c88ff
This Lec under-counter medical fridge features an anti-microbial handle to help prevent the spread of bacteria and infection and audible and visual high and low temperature alarms.
Complete with three wire shelves and one basket.

£250 £195 +VAT

Lec Medical Fridge (Ref: RHC1836) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 479fb3c0e047
This True upright fridge provides ample storage capacity for any restaurant, pub or bistro. Its front and back are constructed from stainless steel with a white aluminium interior. It operates efficiently in ambients of up to 43°C and features swivel casters for easy movement and positioning.
Comes complete with three height adjustable shelves.

£595 £550 +VAT

Silver True Upright Fridge GT-19E
| Ref #: 73afd604714d
This stainless steel blast chiller is ideal for chilling and freezing large quantities of food quickly and safely. It features 70mm of insulation for great thermal efficiency. It can chill 18kg food from +70°C to +3°C in 90 minutes and freeze 14kg food from +70°C to -18°C in 240 minutes.

£995 £950 +VAT

Polar DN493 Blast Chiller
| Ref #: 40f965e85568
This stainless steel blast chiller is ideal for chilling and freezing large quantities of food quickly and safely. This large capacity blast chiller is perfect for the most demanding of restaurants with the ability to produce large quantities of delicious dishes in a time efficient and cost effective way.
This top quality blast chiller is in outstanding condition and has seen very little usage. It will be the perfect addition to your busy restaurant.
This Blast chiller is £14,500 new!

£3750 £3500 +VAT

Irinox Blast Chiller (Ref: RHC2634) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 8bc92813ddf2
This smart quarter trestle table is perfect for a wide range of establishments such as schools, community centres and function rooms. It features a fabric top which will complement any interior.

£25 +VAT

used quarter tables for sale
| Ref #: e2efc482afbb
These smart trestle tables are perfect for a wide range of establishments such as schools, community centres and function rooms. The dark wood finish will look smart in any space.
Please note: Price is per unit, to be sold as job lot only

£35 +VAT

used round tables for sale
| Ref #: 113341806498
These smart trestle tables are perfect for a wide range of establishments such as schools, community centres and function rooms. Finished in white these will give a clean and fresh look to your establishment.
Please note: Price is per unit, to be sold as job lot only.

£35 +VAT

Trestle tables for sale
| Ref #: aef85342356c
This powerful and very versatile oven can be used as a convection oven or a steam oven. Its convection mode is ideal for pastries, breads, colouring and glazing. Its steam mode is ideal for steaming pasta, rice, vegetables and meats. Additionally, its combination mode is perfect for regenerating meals, plated banqueting and roasting. Furthermore, it has a 1/2 energy saving function.

£2895 £2750 +VAT

Rational SCC 61 Electric 6 Grid Combi Oven Self Cooking Centre
| Ref #: 6898c41728fc
These dark wood traditional style tables are perfect for any traditional pub or bar establishments. They can sit up to four people comfortably.
Please note: Price is per unit, to be sold as job lot only.

£55 +VAT

used pub tables for sale
| Ref #: 01d2e2fafab8
These smart tables are perfect for any café or restaurant. The tables will seat up to two people comfortably and are situated on stainless bases making them perfect for any café bistro or restaurant.

£35 +VAT

cafe tables for sale
| Ref #: 8ff9c347a717
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