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SER Logistics Ltd. was formed from a dedicated team of specialists prepared to go that ‘Extra Mile' to ensure each job is carried out within the agreed time-frame and budget.
Our team has accumulated over 30 years experience working within the Hotel and Leisure industry throughout the UK and Europe.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach to each project ensuring complete honesty and integrity.

Our 22000 sq ft warehouse has a sophisticated stock control system enabling real time traceability on all lines stored on behalf of Hotel Groups.

Please contact us with your requirements.

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Oh I can cycle so will go for this one and you can be recumbent ,fab . Fully functional and has been regularly serviced . On ya bike Sunshine.

£300 +VAT

Recumbent bike for sale sussex
| £300 +VAT
Run , run like the wind . Well jog in the warmth of your gym anyway with your ear-plugs in and/or TV on . This single unit has to be picked up directly from the hotel in central London from this date 23/01/2018 within one week of it being posted . Regularly serviced and fully functional .

£600 +VAT

Treadmill for sale
| £600 +VAT
Great opportunity to purchase a personal summit trainer. Gawd , I’m pooped just looking at it , thought that’s why you had ski-lifts. This piece has been regularly serviced and is fully functional.

£400 +VAT

Summit trainer for sale
| £400 +VAT
Perfect for low-impact training . This piece is available at this price for one week only if you pick it up at this central London hotel . Cross-training , I would be as well if I was made to go to a gym . Regularly serviced and fully functional .

£400 +VAT

Cross trainer for sale
| £400 +VAT
Unusual spoonback style side chairs. Originally from a trendy West End London café and now available in Eastbourne. Really comfortable with solid wood stained framing. These are going to look superb in another café or in a residential space around your dining table. Think you should wear an orange colour whilst reposing, just like orange and grey together really, my only reason.

£90 +VAT

Grey Side Chairs
| Quantity: 2 | £90 +VAT
Well you can picture this in a villa can’t you. Transported from Portugal , Gawd knows how. The cabinet is heavily carved with gilt fittings and unusually shaped glass door fronts. Ties in with the matching table and 8 heavily carved chairs that are covered in an acid trip fabric of flowers etc. The cabinet can be purchased separately to the table set if desired. So sit down , relax , and lob some coca mallorquina at each other whilst fanning your bodies.

£1250 £750 +VAT

Portuguese Carved Cabinet and Dining Set of 8 Chairs and Table
| £1250 £750 +VAT

6x Grey Leather Benches - Sussex

Price: £70 £60 +VAT
Used  leather benches
Contemporary in design these grey leather benches are always handy as extra seating. Could really be used as tables / benches for dual purposes in smaller spaces. The simplicity really means that they’re not going to date fast so handy for commercial use not just residential. See prices for different lengths below, both same design.

£70 £60 +VAT

Used  leather benches
| Quantity: 6 | £70 £60 +VAT per unit
Check through the images to see what a fantastic mix of configurations you can achieve with these seating units.
The back and surround being in a brown faux leather and the seating a matching striped cord style fabric. Set off on futuristic shaped chromed legs.
Great way to use space. You can sit formally or relax with a glass or two with your feet up. Two units together and get snuggle up with your partner.

£20 +VAT

commercial Lounge chairs
| Quantity: 10 | £20 +VAT per unit
Recently removed from a famous 5 star Leicester Square Hotel.
These pale grey woollen chaise longues are beautifully simple in their design. Perfect for just relaxing with a good book.
Nicely curved chrome rails as feet, keep with the smooth lines of this timeless piece.
Imagine how vibrant a scarlet mohair rug would be draped over this.

£165 £35 +VAT

4 Light grey Chaise Longue
| Quantity: 4 | £165 £35 +VAT per unit
People always seem to like these wingbacks, maybe because everyone seems to snooze off in them. All you need is a nice reading lamp, book and a bottle of lash and you wont be moving from these chairs.

£45 £35 +VAT

10x Wingback Chairs (CODE CH235)
| £45 £35 +VAT
Long rectangular stainless steel table with cut-around-pipe at back. Raised lip at back and open area beneath the top for storage.

£270 +VAT

Stainless steel table
| £270 +VAT
Small stainless steel handwash basin . 2 taps with additional copper pipes and a universal telescopic basin bottom trap , Oooo’er Missus . I’d buy it for that alone . Wall mounted and sold as seen .

£30 +VAT

Handwash basin for sale
| £30 +VAT
A useful size for the smaller space perhaps . Single lip at the back and just the one shelf thus quite useful for stacking larger items perhaps . Item sold as seen .

£140 +VAT

Steel table for sale
| £140 +VAT
Rectangular stainless steel table consisting of two shelves . Has a raised lip at the back and to one side . Height adjustable . Sold as seen . Large enough to operate on .

£300 +VAT

Stainless steel table
| £300 +VAT
Heated cabinets with an outer casing of stainless steel and insulated interior . Has handles at the top and sides for exceptional mobility . The interior consists of 3 shelves . Each cabinet has it’s own lead . Sold as seen .

£170 +VAT

Heated cabinet for sale
| Quantity: 2 | £170 +VAT per unit
Unusual double sink in that one for washing-up and a smaller circular one for your hands . Thus , lending itself to a commercial or residential space .
Handy lower shelf ,taps need a bit of a change perhaps but all-in-all a nice unit .
Sold as seen .

£200 +VAT

Steel sink for sale
| £200 +VAT
Great medium sized cabinet that’s going to look fantastic in either a commercial kitchen but equally at home in a private residence , preferably mine . Actually rather beautiful in it’s simplistic design . Chunky inner shelving , sloping top it’s just smashing

£180 +VAT

Stainless steel cabinet for sale
| £180 +VAT
This mixer is perfectly suited to many applications requiring simple mix facilities . It really comes into its own during computer based recording . Leads not available .

£45 +VAT

Used soundcraft mixer
| £45 +VAT
Bring out the Muso in you , I lived in Australia so my excuse for that one. Audio Mixer features include the following . Good Condition. Leads not available .

£40 +VAT

Sound mixer for sale
| £40 +VAT
You too can pretend you’re Eno , well am sure his Moog was huge , with this keyboard and stand . Portable keyboard with…….

£35 +VAT

Used yamaha keyboard for sale
| £35 +VAT
Burgess bronzed metal stacking chairs with a green based fabric with gold flecks .
The ones you always see at weddings basically .
Get bottoms on seats , feed them then stack away . Wedding done .

£15 +VAT

Stacking chairs for sale
| Quantity: 20 | £15 +VAT per unit
Great opportunity to have an industrial style chaise / sofa in your office or warehouse apartment. Finished in a brown velour with 2, 5 star metal legs giving good balance and the industrial feel. Aerodynamically designed at the back to give quite a spacey feel. Now get your polished concrete floor, Palette coffee table and minimal anything else, voila, you have the look. Maybe grow a beard and wear a check shirt.

£295 £250 +VAT

Used sofa
| £295 £250 +VAT
Really beautiful leather swivel chairs. Ideal for that desk or, as some people do, as dining chairs - think outside the box folks. The leather is in a striking ruby red with the frame work in solid wood that elegantly curves around the seat. Set on a black metal swivel base. Will bring out the PM Theresa May in you or Donald Trump, oops meant President…..

£55 £45 +VAT

Red Leather Morgan Swivel Chairs x 10
| Quantity: 10 | £55 £45 +VAT per unit
Perfect for hotels, reception areas, surgeries etc.
Do away those unsightly piles of magazines and a top to display no less. Solid wood thus very stable. If anyone’s interested Venue magazine is an Australian industry magazine concerning bar interiors etc. Choose your covers carefully.

£75 £25 +VAT

Magazine Stack Console x 15
| Quantity: 15 | £75 £25 +VAT per unit
Impressive hotel back-bar with a length of 4m , by IMC Bartender. Incorporating , sinks , shelving and all in easy to clean stainless steel . You can purchase at the price quoted , but , if you need to have our team take it out for you the price would be £1,250 + VAT

£750 +VAT

Back bar for sale
| £750 +VAT
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