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This attractive fruit machine is based on the classic space invaders arcade game and comes with multiple features which will provide added entertainment within your pub or games room.

£450 VAT Free

Fruit machine for sale
This statue is perfect for any establishment looking to add a personality to their establishment. Stand out from the crowd this this fun and unique statue.

£500 VAT Free

Statue of liberty prop
Achieve outstanding cooking results with this outstanding 10 grid oven by Rational This top performing oven features a core temperature probe with 6 measuring points and automatic error correction if incorrectly inserted and positioning aid for core temperature probe. It also has a built in Climate management feature which measures the humidity which is set and regulated to 1% accuracy.

£4670 VAT Free

Rational 10 grid oven for sale
Perfect for smaller kitchens this smart upright freezer by Mondial Elite is the perfect addition to your business. It features six fixed shelves which provide you with ample storage space for a wide range of frozen produce.

£325 VAT Free

Freezer for sale
Perfect for smaller kitchens this smart upright freezer by Mondial Elite is the perfect addition to your business. It features six fixed shelves which provide you with ample storage space for a wide range of frozen produce.

£325 VAT Free

Freezer for sale
Increase impulse sales within your successful store with this smart multideck from Iarp. It features four shelves and additional space on the base which provide plenty chilled storage space for your products. Fully complete with night blind and illuminated strips this multideck will showcase your produce to the highest of standards. Finished in white with glass side panels this attractive multideck will look stunning within shops and convenience stores.

£800 VAT Free

1.9m Multideck fridge for sale
This smart hot cupboard and Bain Marie with gantry is perfect for the most demanding of food service locations. It has a large interior which is perfect for keeping gastronome containers of food at the perfect serving temperature. The hot cupboard comes complete with two wire rack shelves and three 1/1 GN containers.
Please note: The gastronome containers are not supplied with lids.

£525 VAT Free

Hot cupboard and gantry for sale
Designed for the most demanding of coffee shops and cafes this coffee grinder comes with a large coffee bean hopper and adjustable grinding blades allowing large quantities of coffee to be ground to perfection, consistently and reliably. It features a flick lever mechanism which allows the coffee to be easily dispensed.

£175 VAT Free

Coffee grinder for sale
Entice customers to your products with this smart serve over counter. Finished in white this attractive serve over counter has a toughened glass shelf which provides extra space for showcasing a wide range of items from fresh meats, to cheese and even cooked meats and cakes. The addition of a spacious chilled under storage area ensures you can easily keep fully stocked up with your popular items. The compact size of this counter makes it perfect for almost any butchers or deli shop.

£495 VAT Free

Serve over counter for sale
Perfect for use in a wide range of kitchen locations from restaurants to pubs to hotels and schools this twin tank fryer is ideal for the most demanding of locations. It features individual controls allowing you to switch off one side within slower service times also it allows food requiring different oil temperatures to be cooked at the same time. If this does not meet your requirements please enquire as we have other items in stock. Fabricated from robust and hard wearing stainless steel has rotating tubular elements and sediment collection zone to keep oil clean for longer. This fryer comes complete with two wire mesh baskets perfect for cooking items such as chips, onion rings, chicken etc.

£650 VAT Free

Used twin fryer for sale
This Autonumis dispenser is ideal for dispensing milk and other drinks. With a built-in cooling compressor that gently chills your soft drink. The easy to clean construction is totally hygienic in daily use with the raised dispenser feet allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. This smart dispenser is quick and easy to refill with a wide range of soft drinks.
Please note: Drip tray is not included.

£95 VAT Free

Milk dispenser for sale
This robust stainless steel Lincat saladette is perfect for the fast and efficient preparation of salads sandwiches and pizzas. It comes complete with thermostatic control with temperature digital display and high / low temperature warnings. The saladette holds up to 5 1/3 gastronome containers.
Please note: Gastronome containers are not supplied.

£250 VAT Free

Saladette for sale
Blue stacking chairs feature a metal frame and plastic seating making them perfect for schools, youth clubs and events.

£5 VAT Free

Stacking plastic chairs for sale
| Quantity: 6
Never run out of storage space within your busy bar with this spacious bottle cooler by Cornelius. It is finished in brown to complement any back bar location and comes fully complete with two white wire rack shelves. This bottle cooler is larger than a standard double bottle cooler, please see measurements.

£275 VAT Free

Bottle cooler for sale
This compact pizza capper has been designed to wrap freshly made pizzas onto cardboard discs for your customers to take home and cook for themselves. It is simple to use and has two quick release catches that allows the entire top section to be quickly removed and washed after use ensuring that it is easy to operate and clean. This pizza capper features a 2kw Incoloy heater with an adjustable control which works with all available pizza capping shrink films.

£110 VAT Free

Pizza capper for sale
This solid lightwood oval table is perfect to add to a traditional pub or restaurant.

£70 VAT Free

Pub table for sale
Perfect for the most demanding of food service locations such as weddings and other similar events, this smart hot holding banquet cart is the ideal way to ensure that your customer’s food is kept at the perfect serving temperature allowing you to serve a large number of customers at once. The heavy duty construction and dense thermal insulation helps to keep food at the ideal temperature. It has been designed to adapt to any type of banquet holding such as covered plates, covered or uncovered plate carriers, trays for banquet service, additional shelves for full-size and half-size gastronome containers.

£1510 VAT Free

Heated banquet cart for sale
Increase the amount of desert sales by enticing your customers to purchase the sweet treats they love with this stylish rotating desert stand! This is an outstanding machine which will make an excellent addition to your business!

£750 VAT Free

Rotating cake display for sale
This smart serve over counter will look stunning in any deli, or butchers shop. It features a glass shelf and has a red decorative strip. This smart counter has a spacious under storage accessed by two doors which makes it quick and easy to replace sold produce.

£550 VAT Free

Serve over counter for sale
The Josper is an enclosed charcoal fired grill manufactured using traditional methods and the highest quality materials. This Josper runs on ordinary charcoal within an efficient closed cooking box that ensures that moisture and natural flavours of food do not escape as well as providing faster cooking speeds than normal barbecues. Also this cooker has dual function as it is capable of functioning as an oven and a grill.

£3500 VAT Free

Charcoal oven for sale
Achieve cooking perfection with this top quality 10 grid combi oven by rational with its five cooking modes steam, hot air, combined steam & hot air, various steam and finishing meals this outstanding piece of equipment will save you time and money within your busy kitchen. It features and core temperature probe with six point measurement.

£1195 VAT Free

Rational 10 grid oven
Simple to use, double-slice conveyor toaster with compact design and high output ideal for catering establishments. This electric toaster is perfect for hotel breakfast areas or self-service restaurants.
Features metal upper and lower elements and variable speed control.


Buffalo Conveyor Toaster
With a quick heat-up time and a solid top that can reach temperatures of up to 400°C, the Falcon Bullseye boiling top offers chefs flexibility, versatility and performance. It features a cast iron solid top and is supplied with a stand which provides additional storage space. This is an ideal boiling top for a wide range of establishments as it allows for more than one pot to be on the hob at once ensuring a greater cooking capacity.


Falcon Bullseye Boiling Top (Ref: RHC2532) - Warrington, Cheshire
This high performance six burner oven is an essential piece of equipment for your restaurant or bistro. The oven range includes separate controls for each of the burners making it easy to use.
It comes complete with one height adjustable wire shelf.


Vulcan 90MC3R-LP 6 Burner Oven Range
With a high output and fast recovery time, this single tank Falcon fryer is ideal for the busiest of kitchen environments. It has an hourly chip output of 22.7kg and an oil capacity of 12 litres. It also features a cool zone with lift out strainer which prevents build-up of debris, extending oil life and improving frying performance.
Supplied with one basket.


Falcon Single Tank Fryer (Ref: RHC2567)
Showing 51 - 75 of 608 items