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Based in Sheffield, we have over 30 years experience in the catering equipment industry so we are perfectly placed to offer you great deals on all types of new and second hand catering equipment. We can also design and give advice on commercial kitchens as well as bespoke wall cladding, ventilation systems, freezer rooms and cold rooms. We always endeavour to fulfil any customers wishes so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you do not see anything that suits your needs, please contact us anyway as a large proportion of our catering equipment is not online.

**All our items are professionally cleaned and tested before sale.***

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Large, fantastic condition double bowl catering sink.
Fully welded, stainless steel construction throughout.
2x central bowls, with dimensions of 700mm x 515mm x 350mm(deep)1 drainer to each side
Full length stainless steel undershelf
Complete with 2x pairs pillar taps, 2x wastes
Also complete with chamfer to left hand side.
On adjustable feet for easy levelling
Dimensions(mm): 2400 x 700 x 900

£500 VAT Free

2.4m Double Bowl, Double Drainer Sink
| Ref #: 052d002897af
Very good condition, glass top ice cream freezer from well known manufacturer.
This freezer comes complete with 2x sliding curved glass lids for excellent display of product, low cabinet front also increases visibility of product
Also complete with full 360 degree branding wrap making this unit stand out in your shop.
On braked casters so the unit is easy to move around if being stored away etc.
Includes defrost drain in the bottom of the cabinet

£250 VAT Free

AHT Ice Cream Freezer with Walls Branding
| Ref #: b9277db72b3d
Very good condition 2x boiling ring.
Stainless steel construction with pressed and sealed hob makes for easy cleaning
Model: HT3
Capacity: 2x 1.5kW Hot plates
Cooking area: 180mm diameter
Six position switches control each hob
Automatic power reduction if pan boils dry or is removed, increases efficiency as well as prolongs life of hot plates.

£120 VAT Free

Lincat Silverlink Electric 2 Ring Hob
| Ref #: 18e37383e743
Excellent condition, very popular boiler from top British manufacturer.
Stainless steel construction.
Capacity: 9lt, 31lt of boiling water per hour
Temperature range: 70 - 98 degrees C
Built in water filtration system
Easy operation from large LED control panel

£250 VAT Free

Lincat EB3F Automatic Water Boiler
| Ref #: 4af0c7c64b12
Good condition bottle cooler/bottle dump from well regarded manufacturer
In excellent working condition
With this item you are able to fit a large quantity of bottles in a small footprint
Sliding door with easy to grab handle
Adjustable thermostat on the front of the unit
Front ventilated so can be built in.
Drain with exterior tap for easy emptying.(also means no need fix a permanent drain)

£195 VAT Free

Gamko Bottle Dump
| Ref #: b8147afcd3a9
Very good condition, single phase electric, convection oven.
Oven takes 4x 600mm x 400mm baking sheets or baskets both of which we have in stock.
Can also be supplied with mobile storage trolley as can be seen in photos.
Comes supplied with a mobile stand to bring oven to perfect usable height

£695 VAT Free

Eurofours Large Electric Baking Oven
| Ref #: aec5350d947b
Excellent condition, hardly been used oven range from top manufacturer.
This cooker hardly has a mark on it, a really good example of what is a very popular piece of equipment.
Perfect for any kitchen that wants quality equipment in a tight space.
Complete with 4x 5.3kW hobs that sit on a removable, stainless steel pan making cleaning easy.
2x cast iron pan supports offer robust, long lasting quality enamel oven chamber and removable drip trays make the oven also easy to keep clean
Oven comes with 2x stainless steel shelves that fit in 5x shelf positions, oven is also 1/1 gastronorm compatible.
Power: natural gas (26kW)

£495 VAT Free

Falcon Dominator 4 Burner Oven Range
| Ref #: 0fb0f7f939fd
Excellent condition, highly versatile 2 door counter fridge from popular manufacturer
Current Model: G596
Capacity of 282lt
Large prep area on counter
Stainless steel construction throughout interior and exterior
2x adjustable 1/1 gastro shelves
Seals, shelves and doors all in excellent condition as can be seen from the pictures
Self closing doors,
Easy to use digital temperature control and display
On heavy duty braked casters for easy movement
Power: 13 amp household plug
Dimensions(mm): 1360 x 700 x 860(h)

£450 VAT Free

Polar 2 Door Counter Fridge
| Ref #: bec6da61feef
Excellent condition, extremely useful, 3 door counter freezer
Current Model: G600
Stainless steel construction throughout interior and exterior
Excellent interior storage (417lt) as well as large prep area on the counter top
Comes with 3x adjustable 1/1 gastro sized shelves
Heavy duty braked casters for easy movement
Easy to use digital temperature control and display
Self closing doors
All seals, doors and shelves in excellent condition
Power: 13 amp household plug
Dimensions(mm): 1795 x 700 x 860

£600 VAT Free

Polar 3 Door Counter Freezer
| Ref #: eca203e102e6
Excellent condition, rare, 4 door counter fridge.
Current Model: G598
Large interior capacity (553lt)
Stainless steel construction throughout
Excellent prep space on the counter
On braked casters for easy movement
4x 1/1 sized gastro shelves on adjustable runners
Seals, doors and shelves all in excellent condition.
Self closing doors
Easy to use digital control and display
Dimensions(mm): 2230 x 700 x 860

£600 VAT Free

Polar 4 Door Counter Fridge
| Ref #: 28c4ed75d1d8
Brand New, Gas fired griddle. Never been used, still in plastic wrapping
Stainless steel 11mm griddle plate. Electric (battery powered) Igniter
Stainless steel Burner
Can come supplied as Natural Gas or LP gas.

£350 VAT Free

LPG Griddle
| Ref #: 60f901208b17
Very good condition, high powered, double tank fryer from top British manufacturer.
Stainless steel construction including stainless steel storage cupboard, ideal for storing oil buckets etc.
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£495 VAT Free

Lincat Free Standing Double Electric Fryer J18
| Ref #: 903cd6a68c99
Excellent condition, current model from top manufacturer.
This model (E3) is often seen in various fast food outlets including Subway.
The accelerated cooking is achieved by added microwave power to convection oven, resulting in cooking times up to 6x lower than a regular convection oven.
This machine is programmable via USB, then controlled through the large, touch screen on the front, allowing for a wide and varied menu without the need for detailed staff training.
The speed of this oven allows for food to be cooked fresh to order, reducing the waste generated by batch cooking.
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£795 VAT Free

Merrychef E3 Accelerated Cooking Electric Oven
| Ref #: a7868804d8bc
Fantastic condition, lightly used, steam combination cooker from large, well known manufacturer.
Capacity: 10x 1/1 gastronorm containers
Complete with made to measure stand with racks for gastronorm containers and adjustable feet for easy levelling.
Near spotless interior and exterior of the oven give an insight in to the easy life this combi has had. Door seal in excellent condition too.
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£2500 including VAT

Electrolux Air-o-Steam 10 Grid Gas Combi Oven
| Ref #: a30aeef1ac78
The oven range is complete with:
Large, powerful open top burners with heavy duty pan supports.
Piezo ignited oven with 2x 2/1 gastronorm sized oven racks.
Vitreous enamel oven interior allows for easy cleaning.
Rear rollers allow for easy movement around the kitchen eg pulling out for cleaning.
Adjustable front feet allow for easy levelling.
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£650 including VAT

Blue Seal Cobra 6 Burner Oven Range
| Ref #: cf39109f3c39
Very good condition large capacity fridge from well respected manufacturer.
Capacity of over 500 litres.
White, food safe exterior with painted steel/aluminium interior for easy cleaning.
Comes with 3x shelves with storage on the base as well.
Fully automatic, fan assisted cooling,
Rear rollers for easy movement with adjustable feet at the front.
Exterior temp display.
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£300 VAT Free

IARP Large Commercial Fridge
| Ref #: 57415d3afda3
Good condition, mobile display unit. Great for any cafe, bakery or fruit and veg shop as the tilted shelves allow for maximum impact of your product.
This unit comes with 6x stainless steel baskets (dimensions 750x450x100) which sit on tilted runners for easy access for customers as well as easy changing for staff.
This display unit is also on braked casters allowing for easy movement of the unit as well as brakes to fix it in your desired spot.
Welded stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and excellent durability.
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£200 VAT Free

Large Stainless Steel Display Unit
| Ref #: eff0c062ce12
Excellent condition accelerated cooking oven from top manufacturer. This oven combines regular convection oven heat with microwave power, reducing cooking times by up to 10x on certain items. 
This oven itself is in fantastic condition as can be seen by the photos, the oven doesn't seem to have done much work at all. This is the largest model that Merrychef do, allowing for larger food items that wouldn't normally go in to a Merrychef oven. 
The oven can be used for cooking a variety of foods, in fact anything that you would put in a conventional convection oven, but in particular, pies pizzas and subs, as the hot convection oven will quickly brown off the outside of such products while the microwave will cook the insides/toppings rapidly. 
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£495 VAT Free

Merrychef EC501 Combi Microwave Oven
| Ref #: 9f0f739b4da0
Very good condition, large, high capacity water boiler.
Model: 6000-9
Capable of delivering up to 500 cups an hour with an instant draw off of 36 litres.
Twin taps for added speed of delivery.
Easy to install, requires a standard dishwasher hose connected to mains. 
Perfect for any busy tea room, cafe or restaurant requiring a large volume of boiling water.
Power: 9kW, 3 phase electric
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£400 VAT Free

Instanta Large Automatic Water Boiler
| Ref #: ac779c6f68bc
Brand new double bowl stainless steel sink
Never been in use, fully welded, stainless steel construction 
2x 400mm square bowls to left hand side
Large upstand to rear and left, great for keeping spillages etc. to a minimum
Space behind tap holes perfect for storing cleaning materials. 
Complete with welded stainless steel undershelf and adjustable feet for easy levelling
Dimensions(mm): 1450 x 760 x 900h
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£500 VAT Free

Stainless steel commercial sink with back stand
| Ref #: 5e1392f16923
Excellent condition multi-purpose round heated well from fantastic manufacturer
Current model (RHW 1)
Temperatures can be set between 50 and 100 degrees C
Can be used for steaming, boiling, soup warming, bain marie, cooking pasta/rice
Has energy saving mode for off peak times
10lt capacity
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£140 VAT Free

Hatco Cook and Hold Heated Well
| Ref #: 478da76b7be3
Large mobile serving trolley/hot cupboard from top manufacturer. This very versatile unit is complete with:
3x 1/1 gastronorm sized dry well bain marie, thermostatically controlled with digital display for easy temperature setting.
2x drop down drawers, 1 of which is hot, the other is ambient, great for storage of different meals/desserts etc.
Ambient draw also complete with 4x 1/6 gastronorm runners for added storage.
This unit also has 2x fold out lids that double up as serving tables either side of the bain marie. Fantastic for displaying products.
On large braked casters for easy movement on almost any floor also has handles on both sides and plug on a curly cable with plug port, all of which make moving this item easy. Power: 13 amp plug in.
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£800 VAT Free

Victor Bain Marie Hot Cupboard
| Ref #: d0bb5587babb
Brand new, never been used stainless steel single bowl single drainer Still complete with plastic wrappings
Fully welded, stainless steel construction
Complete with 500mm x 400mm bowl to right hand side and angled, ribbed drainer to left hand side.
Tap holes cut, ready for eather a mixer tap or regular hot and cold taps.
Lipped all the way around to stop spillages, upstand to rear
Stainless steel undershelf, adjustable feet for easy levelling
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£300 VAT Free

Single bowl stainless steel sink
| Ref #: aed50c447ac7
Excellent condition, fully stainless steel construction soup kettle holders. Perfect for self service soups or sauces etc.
Comes with double plug socket for warmers that are placed on the top. On adjustable feet.
Curved stainless steel valance at front.
Can be supplied with soup warmers.
Dimensions(mm): 670 x 360 x 1250
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£90 VAT Free

soup warmer Stainless Steel Table
| Ref #: 1eca43067d12

Display/Storage Racking - Sheffield

Price: £100 VAT Free
Display/Storage Racking
Brand new, never been used, stainless steel display racking.
3 tiers, top 2 tiers lift off.
Power coated frame with stainless steel baskets
Removable/interchangable sections
Slots for pricing etc on front of each tier.
Dimensions(mm): 1200 x 800 x 1410
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£100 VAT Free

Display/Storage Racking
| Ref #: 83f45d1f95ac
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