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Based in Sheffield, we have over 30 years experience in the catering equipment industry so we are perfectly placed to offer you great deals on all types of new and second hand catering equipment. We can also design and give advice on commercial kitchens as well as bespoke wall cladding, ventilation systems, freezer rooms and cold rooms. We always endeavour to fulfil any customers wishes so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you do not see anything that suits your needs, please contact us anyway as a large proportion of our catering equipment is not online.

**All our items are professionally cleaned and tested before sale.***

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Display/Storage Racking - Sheffield

Price: £100 VAT Free
Display/Storage Racking
Brand new, never been used, stainless steel display racking.
3 tiers, top 2 tiers lift off.
Power coated frame with stainless steel baskets
Removable/interchangable sections
Slots for pricing etc on front of each tier.
Dimensions(mm): 1200 x 800 x 1410

£100 VAT Free

Display/Storage Racking
| Ref #: 83f45d1f95ac

Soupercan Soup Warmer - Sheffield

Price: £90 ono VAT Free
Soupercan Soup Warmer
Excellent condition soup warmer from the best manufacturer around. Made by Victorian Baking ovens.
Over £200+VAT for a new one.
Comes with hinged lid with cut out for ladle. Also has lift out soup holder for easy cleaning.
Simmer stat control. 5lt capacity.
Diameter 250mm height 350mm
13 amp plug in.

£90 ono VAT Free

Soupercan Soup Warmer
| Ref #: 8a0329effae8
Very good condition stainless steel wall bench complete with prop down section for cooking equipment.
Fully welded, stainless steel manufacture, this unit has many functions.
First of all there is ample prep space across the large 1300mm long left hand side, complete with upstands to rear and left.
Under this is a 1240mm void, perfect for placing 2x fridges or freezers.
To the right hand side is a 800mm area which is lower than usual prep height, this makes it perfect for placing machines on such as fryers, griddles etc. which will bring the top of these machines inline with normal prep height.

£200 VAT Free

2100mm Stainless Steel Table
| Ref #: f210efe6a68a
Good condition electric double convection oven.
Manual steam input for added control of cooking environment.
Each oven takes 5x 400mm x 600mm baking trays with storage in the stand for another 10.
Digital temperature control and timer control (or run on constant)
Oven comes with built in condenser hood. (which needs a waste connection)
Stand is on braked casters for easy movement around kitchen.
Power: each oven is 6kW, 3 phase.
Ovens also need a water connection each for steam input.

£895 VAT Free

Salva Electric Double Oven On Stand
| Ref #: 8145215e8087
Great condition, quality double door freezer from well known manufacturer.
Stainless steel throughout inside and out.
Digital temperature control and display.
Temperature range between -15 to -22 degrees C.
2x self closing doors.
4x 2/1 sized,nylon coated gastronorm shelves in each side.
On braked casters for easy movement.

£750 VAT Free

Zanussi Double Door Freezer
| Ref #: 07c1c9c3c96a
Excellent condition, full stainless steel, welded construction.
Comes with runners for bakery trays. 
On Braked casters for easy movement around kitchen, great for storing bakery deliveries as they arrive or just for general storage of utensils, dry goods etc.

£80 VAT Free

Stainless Steel Storage Rack with runners
| Ref #: d539ab3324b9
Excellent condition, low level, stainless steel table
Fully welded stainless steel construction
Welded stainless steel undershelf
On braked casters
Upstand to rear
Dimensions(mm): 400w x 610d x 760h

£75 VAT Free

400mm x 610mm x 760mm(h) Stainless Steel Stand
| Ref #: 13de147c1f97
Very well-made, useful wall bench
Fully welded, stainless steel construction
Excellent for placing machines on due to added depth of unit
Complete with 5x runners for bakery bread trays
Complete with Braked Casters
Dimensions(mm): 600w x 800d x 900h

£90 VAT Free

600mm x 800mm Stainless Steel Table
| Ref #: cc7280b755d0
Very good condition, highly versatile wet heat bain marie from very popular manufacturer.
Containers can be arranged in a multitude of different ways, currently this unit comes with:
Temperature controlled with thermostat, unlike others that use simmerstat control.
front facing drain for easy draining of bain marie
LED power indicator. Power: 13 amp household plug

£200 including VAT

Lincat Wetwell Bain Marie
| Ref #: 0f00c83edfe0
Stainless steel table with tall backsplash, designed to be placed around a tall oven giving a fantastic area for food prep both before and after your product is in the oven.
Void under designed to fit a fridge or freezer so ingredients are to hand. Large backsplash takes away the need to clad your walls. On adjustable feet.
Rail and trough above table perfect for storage of utensils/packaging/labelling equipment.

£120 VAT Free

Stainless Steel Workstation/prep area
| Ref #: ded01bbdf8c1
Excellent condition, useful display servery from top British manufacturer
Model: FTSH30
Stainless steel construction with toughened glass base for easy heat transfer
Automatic temperature control
Suitable for 3x 1/1 gastronorm containers, up to a depth of 100mm
Power: 13 amp household plug
Dimensions(mm): 1125w x 600d x 175h

£200 VAT Free

Moffat Table Top Heated Display Servery
| Ref #: 60a4f7c9eae8
Very good condition, double plate dispenser from top manufacturer

Stainless steel construction throughout

Large capacity of 120 plates, 60 in each spring loaded side.

Compact overall dimensions
Adjustable plate guides in each side from 210mm - 285mm
Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
On braked casters
Fixed thermostat control with neon
Curly cable with plug park
Power: 1kW household plug
Dimensions: 800w x 400d x 900h

£500 VAT Free

Victor Heated Plate Dispenser
| Ref #: 93fba2626f83
Very good condition, compact, natural gas griddle from very popular manufacturer.
Excellent for any kitchen where space is at a premium.
Heavy duty, 12mm thick, machined steel top still in very good condition which allows for excellent heat retention and distribution.

£300 VAT Free

Gas griddle for sale
| Ref #: a39a6c99a1f7
Very good condition, 4 pot, dry well, counter top bain marie from top British manufacturer.
4x stainless steel bain marie pots with lids.
Attractive, easy to use, control and display of temperature setting.

£150 VAT Free

4 pot bain marie for sale UK
| Ref #: 3a3999b84205
Excellent condition, heavy duty counter refrigerator from well known manufacturer.

Complete with central cooling system which allows greater temperature uniformity compared to side mounted units.

Central cooling system also means no ventilation space is required at the sides, allowing a more built in installation.

£600 VAT Free

Commercial prep fridge for sale
| Ref #: c6b6f506f463
Excellent condition, well made heated gantry/heated shelves.
Fully stainless steel, British constructed unit.
2x shelves

£250 VAT Free

Used 2 tier heated gantry UK
| Ref #: 084cc95f25fe
Very good condition prep table with cupboard doors
Stainless Steel throughout
Left hand cupboard door contains undershelf for storage
Right hand cupboard door contains undershelf for a bin store with bin chute above
Very handy for hiding bin away from view whilst it still being on hand for chef
Circular cut outs in top for water/drain/power connections of any machine sat on top
On adjustable feet

£150 VAT Free

Stainless steel table with cupboard doors
| Ref #: aa6ad4e94d4a
Low level storage cupboard/machine stand
Stainless steel throughout
Low height perfect for sitting a machine on 
Cupboard doors with undershelf behind
Ancillary shelf under work top, excellent for knock out drawer or something similar
Circular cut out to rear of work top perfect for hiding water/drain/power connections from view
On Adjustable feet

£140 VAT Free

stainless steel stand cupboard for sale
| Ref #: 09a5c01d8e53
Very well made counter with black granite top,
Made with high grade stainless steel frame and curved granite top. A couple of small chips to corners.
Used in a test kitchen only. Perfect for serving dishes off as heat from chafing dishes etc will not damage top
On braked casters and designed to be moved out of the way when not in use
One of 2 available
Dimensions(mm): 1200 x 525 x 930(h)

£200 VAT Free

Secondhand Granite Servery Counter on wheels
| Ref #: 8aad606519aa
Stainless steel table with backsplash, surround and drawer
5x spacers underneath for bakery trays
Large, wide drawer perfect for utensils
3x shelves on backsplash for storage as well as hook for hanging utensils
On Casters

£120 VAT Free

650mm prep table with backsplash for sale
| Ref #: 674ff8af7a1a
Excellent condition, fully welded, stainless steel construction throughout.
Complete with:
Upstand to rear
Stainless steel undershelf
Adjustable feet for easy levelling
Bullnosed front for added aesthetic quality as well as easy cleaning
Dimensions(mm) 900 x 700 x 900h

£100 VAT Free

900mm Stainless Steel Table
| Ref #: 5f68edb65ffa
Large, fantastic condition double bowl catering sink with drainer and table section
Fully stainless steel, welded construction
6x legs for added strength
2x 610mm x 460mm x 300mm (deep) bowls
2x pairs of pillar taps
Large, full length undershelf
650mm table section with left hand upstand to left hand side
Dimensions(mm): 2605 x 600 x 900h

£500 VAT Free

2.6m Double Sink Unit with Table Section
| Ref #: 4d1493d8963e
Large, fantastic condition double bowl catering sink.
Fully welded, stainless steel construction throughout.
2x central bowls, with dimensions of 700mm x 515mm x 350mm(deep)1 drainer to each side
Full length stainless steel undershelf
Complete with 2x pairs pillar taps, 2x wastes
Also complete with chamfer to left hand side.
On adjustable feet for easy levelling
Dimensions(mm): 2400 x 700 x 900

£500 VAT Free

2.4m Double Bowl, Double Drainer Sink
| Ref #: 052d002897af
Very good condition, glass top ice cream freezer from well known manufacturer.
This freezer comes complete with 2x sliding curved glass lids for excellent display of product, low cabinet front also increases visibility of product
Also complete with full 360 degree branding wrap making this unit stand out in your shop.
On braked casters so the unit is easy to move around if being stored away etc.
Includes defrost drain in the bottom of the cabinet

£250 VAT Free

AHT Ice Cream Freezer with Walls Branding
| Ref #: b9277db72b3d
Very good condition 2x boiling ring.
Stainless steel construction with pressed and sealed hob makes for easy cleaning
Model: HT3
Capacity: 2x 1.5kW Hot plates
Cooking area: 180mm diameter
Six position switches control each hob
Automatic power reduction if pan boils dry or is removed, increases efficiency as well as prolongs life of hot plates.

£120 VAT Free

Lincat Silverlink Electric 2 Ring Hob
| Ref #: 18e37383e743
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